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Losing 0.1v to/from Accelerator Pedal Sensor- where's it going and how to find it?

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Losing 0.1v to/from Accelerator Pedal Sensor- where's it going and how to find it?

Post by andeus » Sun Feb 16, 2020 10:08 am

So in my previous post, I was having trouble figuring out why my car is stuck in limp mode.

Car is a 2004 S80 2.5L Turbo with FWD

Since then, I've checked it out with VIDA, and discovered that the P2126 /P2127 error is actually a result from an issue surrounding the Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor.

Parts replaced so far:
- Throttle Body
- MAF sensor
- Accelerator Pedal Assembly

I've got PDFs of the reports here.
I also have wire diagrams if needed.
6 wires lead from the Accelerator Pedal Assembly.
One is a ground, one leads to the relevant fuse in the engine bay (fuse is not blown), 4 lead to the ECM (three of those are braided together).

According to the shop manual, the range for the APPS is

- 0.5v when pedal is completely released
- ~4.0v when pedal is completely pressed.

During the diagnostic on screen with VIDA DICE, the pedal was returning 0.4v released and 4.0-4.3v when pressed.
The results were the same with the old Accelerator Pedal Assembly I replaced, when I plugged it in for testing.

With all this being said:

--Am I correct in assuming that the 0.4v volts is triggering the DTC code and limp mode? Or is the whole range suspect?

--What would cause a drop of 0.1v? All the wires leading from the harness are smooth clean- no nicks, grays, or signs of damage.

--How do I find the problem spot or test further?
Currently cruising (or fixing) my 2nd 2004 Volvo S80 2.5L Turbo.

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