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XeMODeX ETM- Who has had it done?

Do you have a failing Electronic Throttle Module? What steps to take if you do, plus the latest ETM news. Volvo 1999-2002 models only please.
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Re: XeMODeX ETM- Who has had it done?

Post by TedWPost » Tue Aug 23, 2011 2:48 pm

Vehicle: XC70
Year: 2000
current Mileage: 87,200
In Service Date: 5/2000
ETM sticker color: white
ETM replaced? Y
How Many times?1
Mileage ETM installed? 86,700

Replaced a little over a week ago and it resolved my issues. Reasonably easy job for someone handy but not a mechanic. Took about 3 hours total.


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Re: XeMODeX ETM- Who has had it done?

Post by Woody70 » Fri Sep 09, 2011 12:01 pm

Vehicle: S80 T6
Year: 2001
current Mileage: 111,350
In Service Date: XeModeX installed 8 Sep 2011
Previous ETM sticker color: yellow
ETM replaced? Y
How Many times? Once before XeModeX, 1st replaced at 78,000mi
Mileage XeModeX ETM installed? 111,320

Seen a lot of posts for replacement on V70's, but not many on S80's. Should have taken pictures of the job, but no working camera at the time.

Went out one day last week and fired up the car at lunchtime and it started bucking and raring. No prior degradation of performance and no dash lights until restarting later that day. Decided to take it to the dealership to get a reliable diagnostic and they returned 9160, short in ETM, declined their repair. No giant surprise but I thought it would have lasted a bit longer since the replacement ETM in the car only had 30K miles on it. I do a LOT of stop-and-go and enjoy having my foot in it rather frequently, but do my best to keep the car in tip-top shape. No issues prior to this.

Had been watching the post traffic on the XeModeX fix for a long time and decided to go ahead with it rather than KNOW that I would only be replacing it sooner or later with another factory unit. Ordered online and supplied the VIN as requested, arrived in Ohio from Canada in two days. Nicely packaged with return shipping of course and invoice for purchase that included "Limited Lifetime Warranty" statement. Very comforting after seeing some of the new product bugs over the last couple of years. I have read about their great customer service thusfar. Will send core back on Monday.

Removing the old ETM was not as bad as I anticipated. Took me about 30 min. S80 ETM cannot be accessed from under the car, engine cradle and radiator support prevents. Reinstall took about 45. Car started right up afterwards with idle dead-nuts at 7250 and doesn't move, in or out of gear or with A/C running or not. I've had the car for three years now and it has never run this good. The acceleration is so smooth and linear that it feels like a different car. Even directly after the replacement of the original ETM with the yellow-sticker unit, it would still experience an inconsitant "boost surge" on WOT. I replaced the boost controller with the HD IPD unit thinking that would improve it, but no help. Not anymore, rock-solid into the seat you sink. Feels like an extra 20hp. Will be happy to speak with anyone about how I did the replacement rather than taking up more comment space. I don't get on this site very often, so happy to accept an e-mail from anyone. Address to John at [email protected] if you want to discuss. Include your phone number if you want me to call you or I'm happy to converse via e-mail. Might try a post in the repair database later with a step-by-step if someone expresses an interest in the S80 specific replacement.

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Re: XeMODeX ETM- Who has had it done?

Post by Zoidberg » Wed Oct 05, 2011 1:56 pm

Vehicle: S70 NA
Year: 2000
current Mileage: 202,500 km
In Service Date: XeModeX installed 5 Oct 2011
Previous ETM sticker color: white
ETM replaced? N
How Many times? on original ETM until now.
Mileage XeModeX ETM installed? 202,500 km

Because of some throttle lag, surging during cruise control, and some OBD codes being set, I decided to order the improved version of the ETM from Xemodex. Another reason I opted for it was the fear of being stranded somewhere with a failed ETM, which would seriously suck.

I called them, gave them my car's information, and they promptly shipped one to me. Actually I got the part in less than 24 hours although this may be due to my relatively short distance from the supplier. The box had everything I needed to install the new ETM, and I did so after struggling with the old ETM's wiring harness, finally slipping the wires underneath the starter bracket. I still have the scraped knuckles from that...

In contrast to removing the old one, installation was easy and straightforward. Unfortunately there was a problem when I started the car... The idle was messed up (extremely high idle) and the car was essentially undriveable. I called Xemodex right away, and asked for some advice. I talked to Chris, who knew exactly what I was talking about, and had seen this happen before.

The issue is that many Volvo dealers will perform the ETM software upgrade, but only do a half-assed job. Thing is, job calls for both the ETM AND the Main Computer to be reprogrammed. Of course, this process takes the better part of an hour and most dealers would rather get it done as quickly as possible. As a result, many dealers only reprogram the ETM, which only takes a few minutes. It's a shortcut for sure, but it's not a full job.

So, with this information, they sent me another ETM with slightly different software on it, and a label to send the other one back with. I installed the proper ETM and it worked like a charm! My idling is more stable, my throttle response is better, and cruise control works perfectly.

I would rate this experience very highly and recommend Xemodex to anybody looking for auto electronics. The only word of caution I can give is to watch out for that so-called software upgrade. If it only took a few minutes, you probably don't have the full upgrade.

Product, Price and Service: A+ :D

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Re: XeMODeX ETM- Who has had it done?

Post by Lumpy99 » Thu Oct 06, 2011 3:29 pm

Vehicle: S80
Year: 1999
current Mileage: 130,000
In Service Date: unk
ETM sticker color: white

Bought a '99 s80 NT 130,000 mi, for $2100. Guy said it 'needed some things' and sometimes it went into limp mode. Day after I drove it home, limp mode won't go away. towed to dealer (Fields Volvo in Waukesha, WI). Said it needs ETM for $900 plus $200 to install. I declined. Called XeMODeX and had it towed home.

With a little personal advice from Woody70(2 posts above here), I got it in with no trouble and no more than 2 hours invested. Car runs great, and I now love all things Canadian.

Also kudos to Fields Volvo for not charging me anything for the diagnosis - they know the ETMs are bad and don't want to stick it to customers unnecessarily.

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Re: XeMODeX ETM- Who has had it done?

Post by theblacklantern » Wed Oct 26, 2011 1:48 am

Just want to clarify something that seems obvious...but not really stated outright in this thread. This XeMODex ETM solution requires no "re-programming" from a dealer, right? The XeMODex website offers the ETM "pre-loaded with software" or just rebuilt. I'm assuming I want the pre-loaded option if I don't want to visit the dealership for re-programming.
Seems like a no-brainer to upgrade to a contact-less ETM. I'm in the process of evaluating my throttle symptoms and I'm starting with the MAF and going from there....like to try the cheaper parts first.
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Re: XeMODeX ETM- Who has had it done?

Post by theblacklantern » Wed Oct 26, 2011 3:17 am

I also want to know if anyone knows how often hard starting is attributed to ETM failure. This is one of my problems along with hesitation in acceleration , cruise control failure and occasional limp home mode.
Thanks in advance for any input!

Humpty, the white 99 V70 XC - 208,000 (turned into parts car)
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Re: XeMODeX ETM- Who has had it done?

Post by dcurtis » Tue Nov 29, 2011 11:27 am

volvo 2000 s70 awd
milage 182000
emt replaced yes replaced before i purchased with a yellow label
how many 1
Installed xemodex emt a couple of days ago

My wife encouraged me top let you just how satisfied we are with our new ETM unit. Our volvo was running so ruff that I just parked it. It was cutting out when I slowed down to turn into the driveway. A mechanic friend and myself removed the old one and installed the new one night at his garge. After the install, the car was still running the same. However after he disconnected the mass air flow sensor it ran better, but not like it should. I had replaced the maf a few months before, but it was a cheap one that I got online. (Watchout fr the cheap ones. With a new maf and the etm and after resetting the computer by disconnecting the negative post of the battery, all lights are out and my car is running smoothly. I had a yellow label replacement etm that was on the car when I bought it. So replacing it with Xemodex's redesigned one with its life time warranty, I am satisfied with my result. THANKS XEMODEX.

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Re: XeMODeX ETM- Who has had it done?

Post by carratetop » Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:16 pm

Please make sure you file a complaint with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about you throttle body, especially if your car was out of warranty an you paid Xemodex to do the repair. If we keep making complaints the gov will hopefully open another investigation, and we get reimburse one day. I'm letting Xemodex do mine as my etm was 50 days out of warranty when my car showed symptoms. I will do an update.

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Re: XeMODeX ETM- Who has had it done?

Post by ColonelCash » Tue Jul 10, 2012 2:55 pm

Ordered one :)

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Re: XeMODeX ETM- Who has had it done?

Post by elmo_allen » Wed Jul 18, 2012 4:09 pm

Vehicle: Volvo S80 2.9L Non - Turbo
Year: 1999
Current Mileage: 127,800
In Service Date: XeMODeX installed on 4/19/2012
ETM sticker color: Yellow
ETM replaced? Y
How Many times? This is the second time for the car, however my first time with this car.
Mileage ETM installed? 124,500 estimated.

The left rear bolt was the hardest for me to get out as well as unhooking the clip for the wiring harness. I have never encountered a clip like that before, but I finally go it to come apart without damage! :D Other than that, it was fairly easy. :twisted:

Proud Owner of a Silver 1999 Volvo S80 2.9


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