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1994 440 - Can't Change Fan Direction?

Discussion and advice for 440, 460, 480 owners.

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1994 440 - Can't Change Fan Direction?

Post by pastoralia »

Hi folks
It's winter and wondered why my front demister wasn't working very well. Turns out I can't change the direction of the fan - it's always blowing air at my face. The heater and A/C works fine but it won't change direction.

I suspect a broken switch but don't know how to go aobut replacing it (the heater module?) or if there's a spare part available. Any ideas on what could be the problem? Thanks for your help.
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Re: 1994 440 - Can't Change Fan Direction?

Post by RickHaleParker »

Check the Diverter Dampers. It might be as simple as the connector on a servo motor.
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Re: 1994 440 - Can't Change Fan Direction?

Post by Azik09 »

440 and 460 models has no servo motors. 2 variants - Bowden cables or vacuum actuators on dampers.
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Re: 1994 440 - Can't Change Fan Direction?

Post by volvolugnut »

Check the vacuum actuators with a vacuum pump?
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