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pilot bearing won't fit

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pilot bearing won't fit

Post by jrv6a »

QUESTION: are there different size pilot bearings for the 1973 145? Or do automatic cars have a sleeve in the crank?

I don't see very well, so if the answer is obvious, take it easy on me because I'm working more by feel than by sight. I'm swapping out the BW35 and replacing it with M40 in my 1973 145. The pilot bearing I got with the clutch kit does not fit inside the crank. I can't see if there is a sleeve inside the back of the crank for the auto input shaft, but it feels like there is. I tried using a pick, but I had no luck. If there is a sleeve, it's too thin to use the old bread trick to remove it.

The OD of the bearing I have is 1.378in, and it's too big.
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Re: pilot bearing won't fit

Post by jimmy57 »

There is a sleeve as I recall. Find the socket that fits into it with least clearance. Stick an extension in that socket but backwards if it fits, i.e., not with the hex hollow end first. Pack the sleeve through the hole with grease. Use a grease gun to pump it full if you have it of use finger if not. Now put the socket and extension in the hole in sleeve and bang it with hammer. The pressure from grease will push the sleeve out. If the socket is not a close fit the grease will leak there without building pressure so find the one that is snug. Different brands will have different outside diameter for the same socket size so sort until you find that one that is best.
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Re: pilot bearing won't fit

Post by alschnertz »

It's been a long long time, but I too remember a bushing in the end of the crankshaft on BW35 equipped cars.
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Re: pilot bearing won't fit

Post by 93Regina »

For a bearing

How to remove a clutch pilot bearing without a puller! Grease / Bread / Paper trick!

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