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P1800 engine retro-fit

All the classics... pre-1975 Volvos.
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P1800 engine retro-fit

Post by kmvandewater »

Anybody ever try to use a newer engine family in a P1800?
Maybe a B230 from a 240??

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Post by 93Regina »

kmvandewater wrote:Anybody ever try to use a newer engine family in a P1800?
Yes: B230FT into 1800...



If B230 is placed vertically, I think some engine modification is in order; like the Oil Pump setup for sure.

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Post by Funkymohawk27 »

I have seen an engine from a 240 in a 1800 as well as a 740 turbo engine in a 1800.
sorry I can't give you any details as to modification specifications. but yes it can be done

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Post by chrism »

I believe there was one year only (early 240) where Volvo used a B12 "tilted" engine mated to an M40 or M41. If you could find one of those bell housings you could probably succeed in swapping in a B21/B23/B230 family of engine. A B200 16 valve turbo like they used in Europe would be a cool deal.

It's not totally impossible to take a bell housing from a B20/M40 or M41 car, cut the bell housing into two pieces, clock it the proper number of degrees, and weld it back together. But you would need to cut it in the right place and you would have to jig-up some sort of fancy tooling so that everything is properly aligned when done.

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