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960 rear end rumblings

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960 rear end rumblings

Post by sasjzl »

Still another nagging issue is something that ain't tight which I am pretty sure is coming from the back end of my multi-link 1996 960 back end. I was thinking/hoping/praying it was my shocks but I have replaced those and the noise is still there. The car seems to ride fine but it is clear that something, most probably in the rear, is bouncing around when it should not be. You do not have to hit much of a road problem to hear it. When I was back there replacing the rear shocks I saw ALOT of suspect linkages. I am just wondering if any 960 multi-link owner might be able to give me a lead on where to look first. The car is new project for me with 117k on it but was neglected pretty badly. Nothing in the rear end looked like it had been worked on since the car hit the road way back in the last century.

Thanks very much,
Jim Lee
1996 960 wagon
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