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stalling at Idle

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stalling at Idle

Post by Don240Dl »

I have replaced external fuel pump and filter ,pump relay, sock on in tank filter ,car still stalls at idle after its been running for a couple min.front pump wines and seems to be straining to get enough fuel from intank pump. intank pump is not very old but may not be supplying enough pressure anyone know how I can test intank pump? my con fusion is that I can take down the road flat out at it runs fine.85 244
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Re: stalling at Idle

Post by billofdurham »

When you replaced the sock on the in-tank pump did you check the junction hose? This hose sits between the in-tank pump and the sender unit and has been known to collapse or come adrift when working on the pump.

The only safe test I know for the in-tank pump is to listen to it. You should really be able to hear a buzzing sound in the fuel tank if the in-tank pump is running. Sometimes a length of heater hose inserted in the filler neck and placed against your ear will help to amplify the sound. Try it with the fuse in place and removed and listen for a change in the sound.

Do not under any circumstances bench test the in-tank pump. When the pump is removed from the tank arcing will occur when powered up and can result in a fire due to the petrol vapours present. Certainly don't remove the pump from the fuel level in the tank and give it a quick bump on the starter to check out its function as that may result in an explosion and fire. The pumps are designed to run submerged in petrol.

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Re: stalling at Idle

Post by wiltshireman »

I'm sure you've checked this already but when this happened to me I found the butterfly valve on the intake partly sludged up. A clean up of the valve and intake hose sorted it.

I like simple solutions (if there are any!)

Good luck!
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