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Volvo 240 Wgn rear fold down seat back latch broke

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Volvo 240 Wgn rear fold down seat back latch broke

Post by Valerie » Fri Sep 23, 2005 10:42 am

The plastic hand latch to the fold down seat in a 240 Wagon broke and I am trying to figure out how to unlatch it manually so I can take off the seat cover and repair. Is there a trick to unlatching without using the missing plastic handle? Note: there is no problem with raising the seat itself... I'm just unable to recline the seat back to extend the wagon bed area.


Volvo 240 Wgn rear fold down seat back latch broke

Post by Valerie » Fri Sep 23, 2005 10:45 am

Just in case it's an important piece of info.... I am inquiring about a 1992 240 wagon issue. :wink:


no reply for weeks

Post by Valerie » Sat Dec 03, 2005 5:06 pm

Contrary to what the website says.... no one seems to read or reply to a post. Ah well...... Matthew's Volvo Site gets deleted from my favorites.... If your thinking of posting a question.... don't hold your breath for a reply... just a suggestion!

Kmaniac in California USA
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Post by Kmaniac in California USA » Sun Dec 04, 2005 9:06 am

I am sorry if you felt ignored on this site. I certainly would have offered advice if I had a 240 (which I don't), had a station wagon (which I don't) and had a similar experience (which I haven't). If a broken rear seat latch is the only serious problem you have had with your 240 wagon, consider yourself extremely fortunate.

This site can be a great place to both ask for advice on issues and also to relate experiences from which you have learned and can share with others. I don't want you to think that I consider anyone's problem any less important than anyone else's. But a broken rear seat latch is a very rare occurrance, which doesn't effect the drivability of the car, and if experienced by any of the many "shade-tree mechanics" out there, was probably delt with immediately, with very little challenge. The fact that you didn't receive any replies to your post tells me that the readers of this forum out there probably didn't have any experience or useful advice that they could give.

Posting a question on a forum doesn't guarantee you will get an answer. I behalf of a friend, I posted a question on the S80 forum back in July. No one ever responded to that question either. But I attribute that to the fact that the S80's are much newer vehicles and rather expensive to purchase. Most people who have the money to own one of those cars most likely pays others to work on their cars for them and couldn't be bothered with getting there hand's dirty. Therefore, there was no one out there with any real life experience who could or would respond with a useful reply.

I suggest that you don't give up on this forum so soon. One day, your car may present to you a problem that could have you and your mechanic stumped. This is the best place to come in those situations. The advice here is much cheaper than paying a mechanic to learn about it at your expense.
Chris the "K MANIAC"

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paul 240 wagon

240 seat latch

Post by paul 240 wagon » Fri Jan 27, 2006 3:00 am

Hi Valerie,
Full empathy. Our latch has just broken on our beloved estate and I am now investigating getting a kit to fix.
Yes. You can get it to work by removing the latch with a screw driver and by fiddling with the internal cables. You may do each cable in turn. I held the outer casing of the cable with multi-grips and held it against the metal frame of the seat. I then worked the inner wire with pliers. Bingo. Good luck!

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Re: Volvo 240 Wgn rear fold down seat back latch broke

Post by KSel » Tue Aug 10, 2010 8:44 pm

I had the same problem- an overzealous friend pulled that plastic latch too hard and it popped off in his hand.
I have the BEST mechanic- he explained that repairing the internal cables can be a rather involved job, but he showed me a trick to getting the seat down without the latch!
(It might require two people, depending on how long your arms are)
On either side of the back seat, at the top, nearest the windows are little metal pieces that push up and down. You might need a little wd-40 if they're stuck. I think you just press (pull?) on them both at the same time and voilá! The back seat folds down just as if you'd pulled the latch.

I know this is a really old question, but maybe someone else will have the same problem down the road? And, my wagon is a 1990. I'd assume this would work for a 92 as well.
Hope it helps (someone)!

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Re: Volvo 240 Wgn rear fold down seat back latch broke

Post by waydar » Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:43 pm

Volvo has an inexpensive replacement latch, once you get the seat back down. I paid about $15 for my '92, in July. 2010.

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