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Any difference in locks between 1983 and 1989 volvo 240?

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Any difference in locks between 1983 and 1989 volvo 240?

Post by sergitin32 »

Hello all of you nice people here, happy last 4th of July for those in the USA.

A couple weeks ago some one sneak through a back door at our little 4 year old birthday party and took off with my wallet, key, cellphone etc.
Not expending time in dedicate a thought to that bastard, just to the point...
A week previously I happened to crush my 1st car (1983 Volvo 240 DL) God bless its nuts.
Before I did this I took a lot of spares of course, and it so happened I do have the locks for both doors and trunk.
I also kept the keys, so here I have a full set of 1983 designed locks and keys.

Then with the mugging the thief took my car keys of course, my buliding keys which grant him access to the underground parking and my license which would give up my address easily... I know still a long shot to think he would risk it to come for the car etc. The thing is most of the time there are escential tools and what not in my trunk, some times things from a client etc. He could not go off with the car not having a fob for opening the underground door, but he could wait for some one to come in and take off.

Any way, my current Volvo 240 DL is a 1989 model, I know there are a lot of diference in design, so I was wondering what about the locks?
I can see the rear latch is diferent and there is a small handle to open the trunk, but maybe the cilinder and lock fits in there some how?

Going a little bit further in this history I will say some one also tried to steal my car like 5 or 6 months ago, I guess is some sort of karma I am up to these days. So they did brake my ignition switch badly enough to be noticed by me the next morning but with care I can for sure start the car still with the same key. The thing is that after this happened I did purchased a 1989 ignition switch with a set of 3 keys, so I also have a full set of keys and new ignition for this car. The locksmith is charging me 75 or more per lock to rekey the car to the same key as my new ignition switch. Which comes up to around 250 or more...

So I have three options depending in compatibility:

Change locks from 1989 to the 1983 just my self trying my best.
Change 1983 cylinders into the 1989 locks and keep the old keys for this... ask for pricing.
Rekey the old or new locks and put them in...

Any advice would be apreciated.
Just goign to the lock smith now to ask for their opinion...
Thanks in advance.

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