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Rear Bumper Moulding Install - What's the Trick?

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Joined: Tue May 10, 2016 5:34 pm
Year and Model: 1991 240
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Rear Bumper Moulding Install - What's the Trick?

Post by ESNJ » Tue Aug 16, 2016 10:10 am

I've finally gotten around to purchasing some new clips that connect the rear bumper moulding to the body of my 240 sedan. I've installed the clips, seating them in a row just along the top of the bumper, but now I cannot insert the moulding onto/into the clips. There is a lip on the back of the moulding that is supposed to tuck into the row of (approximately 9) clips. The problem is that the moulding lip-to-clip docking (pardon the nomenclature) is completly blind process, and, unless I'm missing something, done only by feel. My approach thus far has been, starting from left to right, to seat the lip into the moulding clip 1, then clip 2, but as I move down the row, exerting pressure to try to seat lip into successive clips causes the moulding to slip and dislodge from the previous clips. What am I missing?

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Year and Model: 1988 245
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Re: Rear Bumper Moulding Install - What's the Trick?

Post by JakeNZ » Mon Sep 12, 2016 6:56 pm

I take it that your talking about the strip that goes just above the bumper?

You kinda have to wack it on with the bottom of your hand to get it in right - Have a look at the ridge that goes into the clips for where the clips sat inside it when it was first on the car - the steel should be pulled towards the car slightly - so you know where the clips should sit exactly.

Then its just giving it a good solid wack sometimes (else a good push), go from far clip to far clip and then the middle ones should sort themselfs out. For the middle section do it from left to right - you should be able to angle/bend it slightly to line the ridge up with the clips.

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