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1998 V90 dealer ordered key doesn't work

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1998 V90 dealer ordered key doesn't work

Post by V90girl »

Hi Everyone,

I've lost my car key. Local auto locksmiths say only the dealer can help. I contacted the dealer who regularly services my car. They ordered a replacement key from Volvo based on the VIN. It didn't work. They ordered a second one just to see if maybe an error was made in the initial order. The second one matched the first pass key and also does not work. My car is sitting at the dealer as I have no parking where I live.

Dealer proposes ordering new ignition cylinder and new door cylinder to match the pass keys they ordered. The cost of this will be nearly $400. Labor another $400. $800 total.

Do you think I should look for an ignition switch/key + a separate door cylinder and key (this would mean I'd have one key that opens the door and one key that turns the car over) from salvage yards? I found something called automotix online. They have multiple ignition switches in their inventory that come with keys. The condition of these items is either "good" or "very good" so I'd be looking to purchase one of the very good ones. Cost for ignition cylinder with key via this route is $55.

I realize it will be time intensive and I can't save on the labor (I don't mind paying for this as I want good quality work and I value the time it takes them) but if there is a cost saving option on the parts side I'd like to try and pursue that angle.

It is just a very unfortunate situation. The dealer keeps saying this is very odd -- nearly unheard of. They are very kind but they are completely baffled by the situation (the can't make sense of why the pass key doesn't work on ANY of the doors or in the ignition). A friend says to call Volvo corporate and see if they have a policy for how this should be handled. Do you think I should call Volvo directly myself or ask the dealership if Volvo has a policy to handle this situation?

It's unfortunate. the car is old, and I'm the idiot who lost the key. At the same time, the pass key ordered based upon VIN ought to work so I am wondering if there's any room for the dealership to push back on Volvo.

At the end of the day, I'd like to keep the car. I only paid $3,000 for it though so this is a very costly and stupid error on my part.

Any advice you have would be much appreciated.
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Re: 1998 V90 dealer ordered key doesn't work

Post by mydamnvolvo »

Well, I'd talk to the dealer about getting my money back first. Then, I'd see about pulling a door cylinder AND an ignition cylinder off a junker so you can keep the same key for both the door and the ignition. However, on one of my V70's I have a separate key for ignition and door, and it doesn't bother me too much. I just dip one in red nail polish every few months so I know which is which.
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Re: 1998 V90 dealer ordered key doesn't work

Post by lummert »

Maybe the lock cylinder was previously replaced. Replacing the lock cylinder without the key is not an easy task.
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Year and Model: 1998 V90
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Re: 1998 V90 dealer ordered key doesn't work

Post by V90girl »

Thank you to both of you. The dealer and I both agree the locks weren't changed. If they were (seems very unlikely but possible) every single cylinder would have been changed because they all match. The prior owner had it for over a decade and advised to the best of his knowledge the locks and keys were original. It seems there must be some type of error in the tracking of the VIN and corresponding code for the key. Thanks for the support the the idea of getting one from a junked car. I'm going to ask the dealership if they will install a used part for me. They've been very understanding about this whole fiasco so hopefully they will agree.
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