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p0300 p0304 p0305 p0306

Post by blomkvist »

Dear Volvo enthusiasts,

I resent bought a 98 v90 and when i took it for a test drive it was running great.
The previous owner seemed strait forward and told me he just redone the pcv system and other things he hade done to it.
After 40 miles of driving the car started to have problems. when i got home I pulled the cods p0300, p0304, p0305 and p0306.

I have changed all spark pluggs, I replased #4 ignition coil and rebuilt all the fuel injectors.
the only thing that changed is that now the car is hard to start and I have a strong smell of fuel.
I don't se any fuel leaks but will probobly take the injectors out agen and inspect them.
last night I swapt the two ignition controll modules to se if the missfires would move, but now i only get p0306, still hard to start and strong smell of fuel.
I have owend allot of volvos, but mostly 122 and 240s, so im new to all the newer sensors and modules.
What is you guys thos
Appreciate any input.

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