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refurbishing windshield wiper motor

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refurbishing windshield wiper motor

Post by sergitin32 »

1987 Volvo 240 DL wagon. 400K km. Wipers off.

Bought this car for a friend last week.
We are fixing a few quirks and next one is windshield wipers motor.
I did all the diagnosis (found 12V in every cable at the input plug by the motor) scratched and touch the ground to check if ground was bad etc) and ended up finding the motor is the main culprit.
Removed/Opened motor and found inside the carbons are all worn down badly, also one of the magnets is not attached to the wall of the motor casing. For some reason there is a little of burnt smell and the wiring looks dark but some how I believe it could work out by fixing the carbons and the magnet issue. The gears are fine and the wiper blades are loose and super easy to move by hand.

I know I can get a new motor and most probably will do so, but my question is, who knows where I could get carbons for these motors and how to fix the magnet to the casing wall, is seams to me there was some strong glue there cuz there is a piece of the magnet stuck and the rest came out with the core.

I know it might not be well invested time, but I would like to make a small project about fixing this motor and keep it as a spare one for the future of my friends car or even my 1989 240 sedan.

We are loving this wagon, I always wanted a wagon project... we got it for 750 dollars and so far everything has been a quick fix except for this :)

We most likely buy a new or used motor off eBay.

Thanks for any advice.

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