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1991 245 no power anywhere

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1991 245 no power anywhere

Post by MaddieCake »

Hello friends. Hoping you can assist.

My 1991 245 has been sitting with a dead battery for a few weeks because I've been too broke to even afford jumper cables.

Today I finally got hold of some and expected to jump start her back to life, but something strange happened and I'm now confused which direction to go.

After doing all the usual jump start things, I hopped in the 245 and turned the kngition switch to 2, everything looked good with the dash lights coming on.
I turned the key to crank, something clicked, and then nothing.
"Okay, guess we'll just charge her a bit more" I thought.
I left it for about 15 minutes, but since that first crank there's been no power to anything. No dash lights, nothing.

Any idea what I've somehow magically broken?

If no power ever came to the dash, I'd assume X. But with the power initially coming through and then nothing, I'm honestly perplexed.

Please help! I'm too broke right now (covid yada yada) to randomly throw money at a problem I haven't sussed out


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Post by volvolugnut »

How do your battery cable connections look? Any corrosion? What caused the battery to go dead weeks ago? Can you try replacing the old battery with a borrowed good battery, instead of jumping with cables? Do you have a volt meter to check the voltage beyond the battery connections?
I am hopeful this problem is simple.
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Post by RickHaleParker »

Battery needs to go on a battery charger for a few days.
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