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SESI Volvo in Ann Arbor, MI uses NON-OEM Parts and lies.

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SESI Volvo in Ann Arbor, MI uses NON-OEM Parts and lies.

Post by YueIBM » Fri Dec 30, 2011 11:48 pm

Rating: 0 (worst customer service anywhere, service director Chris Balderrama is a lying conman)


The repair on my Volvo XC90 V8 was not done using Volvo OEM parts, and I was lied to many times by service director Chris Balderrama. After taking my XC90 to SESI for tie rod end replacement, I noticed that my steering rack boot was only held on by one small plastic zip tie, and a large but loose zip tie. My original Volvo OEM metal clamps were thrown away. Two service managers who worked for Chris Balderrama told me that they will re-do the work using the correct Volvo metal clamps without any further labor charges. After arriving back at SESI for the 3rd time when the part was finally ready, a service manager assured me that I would not be re-charged for labor. However, after more waiting, the service director Chris Balderrama tells me that I will be charged for a realignment. He would not honor what I had been told by his service managers. He also told me that Volvo authorizes him to use plastic zip ties in lieu of the OEM metal clamps. When requested to see service procedures stating that a plastic zip tie can substitute Volvo's metal clamps, he said he did not have it. Chris Balderrama also said that the non-OEM plastic zip ties were stronger than Volvo's metal clamps. Chris Balderrama said that he will not perform the work his service managers agreed to perform and that there was nothing wrong with his substitution of a plastic zip tie for an OEM metal clamp. At this point, after having wasted many trips and many hours, and been lied to repeatedly like I'm an idiot, I yelled some profanities at Chris Balderrama. Chris Balderrama said for me to never come back to SESI again and threatened to call the police when in reality he fraudulently charged me for improper work not done using OEM Volvo parts. I checked the Volvo factory service manual (VIDA 2010d) and it clearly states for clamps, and not plastic ties, to be used; the part numbers for the proper clamps are clearly given in the service manual as well. I will be taking action to recover my $800 repair bill as well as reporting their fraudulent activities to VCNA and the BBB.

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