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Powershift Gearbox issue

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Powershift Gearbox issue

Post by ronell » Mon Feb 11, 2019 4:15 am


I got my powershift gearbox repaired couple years ago, they said clucthes were changed, along with some other fixes I don't know exactly which. After aprox two years of working good, my Powershift has done it again 1.5 months ago, at the end of Dec 2018. While driving slow is a traffic jam, suddenly started to shaken seriously when switching to second gear, and after a few times of that, an error appeared (german language, didn't got to note it down), and it stopped changing gears. I had to drive back home a few miles only with 1st gear. I haven't moved it since then.
So I got myself a dice a few days ago, and investigated the error. I got what is says in the attachments.
so I have a few questions
1. Does anyone know what exactly that means?
2. Vida says it might be either oil level low, some defective sensor, or defective solenoids. But I can't see any oil leaks in there, and the solenoid didn't errored out on the tests did to itself after that.
3. I didn't moved the car since then, but giving what I found, would it be safe to give it another road test to see if either works fine or the error comes back?

I have recorded the vida diagnostics, but being the first time with vida and dice, you might find it boring. But you can look at around 4:15, when I got the error and digged into it. At around 6:05 you can see the frozen values at the time of the incident. At around 8:15 you can see the error description

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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