07 V50 t5 Low whining sound

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07 V50 t5 Low whining sound

Post by ethankpow »

Hi there,

I have a low whining sound whenever the car is running and it speeds up when i accelerate. The oil separator was just replaced and there is no check engine light. Everything looks fine when i hook up the OBD2 tester, except for an INC on the catalyst monitor. This is my first volvo so i am not sure of the "normal" sounds it may make. Any suggestions as to what this could be? :?: :?:

Thanks in advance!

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Post by xHeart »

ethankpow wrote:Hi there,

I have a low whining sound whenever the car is running and it speeds up when i accelerate.
Is the car moving in the above description?
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Post by Tsquared »

It could be a few different things. The first thing I would check would be the level of power steering fluid I had in the PS unit.

You can open the hood and try to locate the source of the noise with someone slowly increasing the rev of the engine. Listening through a long screwdriver as you touch different part of the non-moving parts will let you hear what is going on in that area of the engine.
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