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Can I buy a C70....or do I have to get an xc70 or something else?

Help, Advice, Owners' Discussion and DIY Tutorials devoted to the second generation C70, S40 and V50 Volvos -- awkwardly model year 2004 ½ onwards -- plus where to go for advice and discussion on Volvo's sporty C30 Coupe powered by Volvo's ubiquitous inline 5-cylinder power plant.
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Can I buy a C70....or do I have to get an xc70 or something else?

Post by mcompton1973 »

I will try to be brief and thorough.
I have about 5k to spend on a car.
I drive a work truck normally...and have a 2013 town and country mini van.
I am looking for a car that is just for me.
I have found an XC I like but has 170k miles....Miles really dont scare me in general....but I know they SHOULD scare me on some cars (I love MBs....but have been told high miles on the more modern ones 2000+ can get pricy)
I have also found 2 C70s (closer to 6k....but I bet cash would get them close to 5.  they each have under 100k

Part of me wants to get something like a convertible or even a roadster...but a Miata is too small. BMW z3 or MB SLK look nice....but maint. and longevity scare me (ones I could afford would be 2000-2005 with high 150k+ miles) I Kind of like the Lexus SC and the Nissan 350 roadster also. Comfort is important because I DO put a lot of miles on...and I would like something that is more of a luxury car...drivers car than going out and getting a Toyota

The other part of me likes station wagons (always have...just a nerdy side of me)

This would be 'MY car' and so part of that means using it on long trips.  I go 800 miles in a day several times a year......and a couple of times a year I do 2000+ trips over the course of a few days. I could use the room in a wagon....but honestly...I dont need it. I am thinking I like to Mt Bike....but I also have a truck I can haul my bike in. 

I live 1 hour from Tulsa OK and 1 hour from OKC.  Winters are not horrible....I have enough options that I could just not drive what I get if the weather is bad.

I can do most all of my own maint with help of forums and you tube....I recently did an EGR delete and a head gasket on my wifes diesel truck.  That said...I dont mind it....but I dont like having a vehicle down.  I like to turn the key and go.
I dont know how many miles a year I will do....depends on how much I leave the work truck at home. I drive about 45k miles a year total....but dont know how much would be in THIS vehicle. Longevity is important to me.  I like to put LOTS of miles on cars before I get rid of them.

Here is what I worry about with the C70....and maybe even a S40/S60 I live on 2 miles of gravel road. While it is maintained....it has quite a bit of washboard and rough driving. I heard the C70 is heavy for its platform and the suspension can be weak on bumpy icy roads. I have to think my gravel would be just as hard on it.

So...my questions.

1. With my somewhat rough gravel driving...will the C70 hold up?

2. How much more are parts on a Volvo and how hard to find compared to a Nissan or a Lexus?  What about compared to a Ford?

3.  If I drive the piss out of them....but do regular maint etc.....can I get 300k out of either or both?

Thank you.
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Re: Can I buy a C70....or do I have to get an xc70 or something else?

Post by Rattnalle »

The XCs in swedish police service that are sold off as used usually have around 500' km of police driving on then so they can go far with service. My 340' km car drives well, uses no oil to speak of and in general doesn't feel anywhere near as old as it is compared to many newer cars.

The S60 is the same platform as the XC70 so longevity and how well they hold up to poor roads is essentially the same since a lot of suspension components are the same. The AWD is somewhat weak, especially early years, so if you don't need it I'd avoid it.

C70 a totally different car, different platform. I'm unsure about it's weak points.
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