Cam seal replacement

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Cam seal replacement

Post by mvferh »

Hey guys I’m looking for some help. 2013 S60 T5 engine type B5254T12. Changing out the timing belt, and have hit a snag.
The cam seal needs to be replaced on the intake. Every picture I’ve seen just has the two black plastic cam covers that you pry out to install the locking tool. This engine has the attached photo on the exhaust cam. What is the procedure to remove this and move on?

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Post by mrigmo »

That is the vacuum pump, brake assist pump. They usually leak oil all over the place around 80k miles. The pump itself is rock solid, probably go a million miles. It is in fact a sweedish vacuum pump.. giggity giggity. But the o rings dry out and have to be replaced. And if you are trying to lock your cams you have to take it off to use one of those bars. Beware when tightening the bolts down, the housing will snap if you run one bolt down too far compared to the others. And when you put in the new o rings leave them dry, they swell up as soon as oil hits them and expand as to be impossible to get them in place. I know this post is 6 weeks old, did you get the job done? I just did mine and I'm having issues getting my timing perfect now.

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