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2011 XC60 Running Board Installation Question

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2011 XC60 Running Board Installation Question

Post by JerryG1970 »

I recently bought running boards for my wife 2011 XC60. The local dealer wants $300 to install them; I consider myself a do it yourself type of person and I have an engineering background. So I reviewed the instructions and have one question about step 16 that limiting me from starting this project. They call for a tool 9512782 (Rivet tool) but by the looks it does not appear to be a rivet. I looked at the "revit" and theres no internal rod too clamp the two side together. I can see the tool expanding the rivet inside the hole either. After studying this more I think its only a tool to assist in hammering/press the fitting into the bottom sill. Can anyone verify that I don't need this tool and using some simple tools is all you need like a hammer or c-clamp to press it in.

"Take four rivet nuts from the kit and tighten in the drilled holes in
the sill. Use tool 9512782"
XC60 Step 16.docx
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