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XC60 2013 start problems just got worse...

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XC60 2013 start problems just got worse...

Post by NJS1982 »

Hi all, new to this site and it is a last ditch attempt to get our heads around a problem that this morning just got a whole lot worse.

For some months now, on occasion, our Volvo XC60 D5 automatic AWD diesel car has been failing to start, it just turns over when the start button is pressed. It sometimes takes up to 10 seconds to fire up, sometimes doesn't fire up at all, sometimes fires up then dies within seconds and other times fires up with no problems whatsoever.

It hadn't done it for a while, then this morning I was driving along an the engine just cut off completely. It took about 6 or 7 attempts to re-start it (I was on a residential street with no other cars around so wasn't too bad a situation). On my return journey some 30 minutes later, it did the same again and this time during rush hour on a pretty busy town road. The speedometer goes blank, the circular speed dial goes blank on the dash and the engine then refuses to start for a number of attempts. What is really worrying is that the steering also locks, so if I was doing any considerable speed, it could be pretty bad.

We have had the car in the garage twice now, for a number of days each time. They cannot find anything wrong with it, they have re-set all of the electronics and it has still not fixed it. I understand what they are saying about if they cannot replicate the issue, they cannot diagnose the problem, but this mornings incident whilst driving has really scared me and I don't know what else to do. It is likely to go back into the garage today but as before, they are probably going to find nothing wrong with it. We have videos of it failing to start and have been keeping a log, so we have evidence that it is definitely not working correctly - but unfortunately given the circumstances this morning and the fact I was driving, I didn't get a chance to video the two incidents on the road.

Does anybody have absolutely any idea what may be wrong with our car? We don't do overly big journeys in it, the tank is not empty of diesel, there are no warning lights on etc. - one thing did happen when I stopped the second time today in that DTSC appeared as a message on the dashboard, but this has now disappeared.
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