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Battery Jumped, now Remote Lock Audio Confirmation "chirp" doesn't work

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Battery Jumped, now Remote Lock Audio Confirmation "chirp" doesn't work

Post by djb206 »

My 2016 Volvo XC60 has always "Chirped" when I used my remote lock. This feature is listed in the "lock settings" menu as "Audio confirmation". Last week I had to jump my battery, and ever since then, this "audio confirmation" no longer works, even though the remote still works to unlock/lock the doors. Under the menu, it shows that this setting is still on, but it doesn't actually work. The same goes for the "light confirmation", where the lights used to flash when I locked it. A similar setting works, the light confirmation when I unlock the doors, though this setting was off when the battery died and I jumped it. It is confusing why only these 2 settings are malfunctioning, whenever everything else works.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Post by jimmy57 »

I have seen many things get confused on different brands of cars when the battery gets weak and you try to start engine and get very slow starter action or just clicks. Usually a battery reset will fix it. Battery reset is disconnecting the ground (-) cable and holding it against the (+) cable/terminal for 10 seconds. This is the way you COMPLETELY shut down the computer modules in the car for a full reset. This procedure is like removing the battery from a laptop to get it to operate normally if it is locked and unresponsive. After you reconnect the ground cable to battery post you will need to lock and unlock the car with the remote to exit transport mode.
Why did the battery get weak and required a jump start? Did you replace the battery?

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