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Shift to P and no green led light - tracing a possible short

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Shift to P and no green led light - tracing a possible short

Post by cdretc »

I did an engine swap on a 2013 S60 T5 AWD. When I was ready to start her up, I noticed that the green led of the gear knob was not lit, which I found strange. The car did not start and got a bunch of error codes, mostly communication errors. The weirdest one was the fact that it said not in P, shift to P. I rechecked tranny connectors, including ground and all good. No visual issues either, like wire stuck etc. I am pretty sure that I have a short somewhere and can't figure out how the missing green light and "Shift to P" might be related. Any ideas? Anyone has an electrical diagram of how that green led is powered? I'd love to trace that first.

Re: the short. If I take the +ve battery cable off. I can read 12 V, when I touch the +ve battery terminal and the +ve battery cable (that is off). I can also measure conductance between the +ve and -ve wires, when both off. I pulled EVERY fuse one by one and did not find a change in the condition. I could always read 12V btw +ve terminal and +ve wire (while off). This makes no sense to me. I can't see any physical damage to the wires that power the fuses boxes, but also, because there are so many boxes, I can't be sure that I checked all. Anybody can provide an electrical diagram of how the power reaches all the fuse boxes. Of course, it's possible that more than 1 circuit is affected hence there is no V drop when I just pull one fuse at a time. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I had nothing but bad luck with this car :(


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