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2012 S60 dead/misfiring as a project car?

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2012 S60 dead/misfiring as a project car?

Post by paredown »

I found a bargain 2012 S60--misfiring and not driveable, but no more information than that. 150,000 miles, decent shape. I have not gone to look at it yet.

Then I found the longish threads here and on Swedespeed about problems with oil consumption (and what sounds like cascade failure) on some 2012s.

Buying it as a pig in the poke, are the repair options pretty much only engine replacement? And if so, are you restricted to that 2012 engine?

Or has anyone torn one down to see what it was the Volvo techs were doing when they did "ring replacement"--which seemed to work for a couple of cars on Swedespeed?

Any thoughts?

(This thread has links to the swedespeed thread and others here:
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Post by jimmy57 »

The rings stick in piston ring grooves. New rings fix it usually. There can be a risk of scored cylinder if the spark plug broke and pieces scraped cylinder but that is very rare and the engine is noisy.

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