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The Art of being (Grizzly Grizzly)

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The Art of being (Grizzly Grizzly)

Post by manovlov »

Since few weeks, I'm sick. Nothing huge, but time needed to recover potato ! While this period, I left aside, trimmer, scissors, razor and come back to the man of wood I use to be. Hairs (the lasts I own) go in all direction, barb looks like the football field after a party between the Yankees and the Stampeders, tufts in every corner, for sure, lot of you know what I'm talking about... :mrgreen:

Compared to a Grizzly, Majestic, Noble, ice-cream lover by definition, his twin brother.

And then, her litany starts.
" Tell me KissMeBaby, did you think to go to the hairdresser one of these days ?
- Excuses me Madam ?
- Come on, you look like a Chechen vegetable garden after a soviet Migs flight. It is appalling !
- Listen my Hen... ".

Does it speak to anybody ?


Vroum !
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