2008 Volvo v70 3.2 transmission mount replacement

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2008 Volvo v70 3.2 transmission mount replacement

Post by huzzsaba »

recently bought a 2008 V70 3.2 and I am suspecting the transmission mount is going bad, which I believe sits under the battery box.

This is the part number I am asking about:31316877

https://www.volvooftorontoparts.ca/p/Vo ... gLghvD_BwE

My symptoms are excessive movement feel from the engine as well as a light lurch on downshift sometime. Also getting some feedback in the gas pedal when going over bumps like something near the firewall is bouncing around.
Transmission fluid is clean and red. the other mount by the coolant reservoir has been replaced already.

So, has anyone replaced this and can offer some advice or tips to do so?

3.2 transmission mount.jpeg
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Post by pgill »

I own two 3.2's with over 120,000 miles and I haven't changed the transmission mount on either on (not yet!!!!)

2010 S80 3.2

2008 LR2 3.2 (with the same engine and mounts as the S80)

I have replaced the dog bone mount and upper motor mount on both.

This link has more information


Good luck


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