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2008 V70 Maintenance Reminder Concerns?

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2008 V70 Maintenance Reminder Concerns?

Post by VolvoWagonTourer »

I have just changed the oil in my ’08 V70 (3.2 6cyl) this morning.
I have not had any luck with resetting the service interval message on the instrument panel after following your steps as you outline.
The panel message will not clear and continues to show either code 161 or 021.
Do you what vehicle systems are these codes referring to for maintenance purposes?
I have read the ’08 V70 Maintenance Schedule carefully for the 148,000 km milestone, but I have not noted any specific system that needs to be checked/reviewed/replaced at this stage of the V70 lifecycle.
Do you have any advice or directions that will help satisfy my curiosities and put my mind at ease about any critical maintenance concerns that I may be overlooking?
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Post by pierremcalpine »

I think that code is jiberish (i.e. you may ignore). The reset procedure is tricky. Every time I do it, it ends up taking me a few tries to get it right.
Make sure that you are in tripometer #2...See video below for instructions.

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Post by Idigbebop »

Clearing the maintenance reminder. The process is to hold in the trip odometer reset post while you cycle the Start/Stop engine button to position two - but keep foot off brake. Do not start engine.

Follow these steps; Insert key tab. Press Start/Stop Engine button momentarily once - gages illuminate ( position one circuits now engaged). Using your left paw press and hold in Trip Odometer Reset Post- remain holding in. Now press Start/Stop again briefly until all dash warning lights illuminate ( position two circuits engaged). Important- do not hold Start/Stop button but continue pressing the Trip Odometer. In a few seconds the info indicator will blink three times and the right gage will clear the Maint Reminder warning. Remove finger from Trip Odometer. Remove key tab and reinsert to check that the warning is cleared.

On my 2010 I do not need to use Trip-2 only or have miles logged on the trip odometer. I have cleared the Maint warning in both T-1 and T-2 trip positions without issue. I did hold my tongue on the roof of my mouth while humming an Abba song. Maybe that was the trick...

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