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leaking windshield washer fluid reservoir

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Year and Model: 2008 XC70
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leaking windshield washer fluid reservoir

Post by eyerollXC70 »

The windshield washer fluid reservoir on my 2008 XC70 is leaking. Can anyone recommend the best way to get at the reservoir and diagnose where the leak is originating? Must you take off the front bumper or is there a less intrusive means of access, such as through the wheel well liner? This may or may not be related, but about four months ago, I started to get a "low fluid level" warning even if the reservoir was full.

Thank you!
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Year and Model: 2008 XC70
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Re: leaking windshield washer fluid reservoir

Post by jadnhm »

I actually pulled this apart on my car about 6 months ago.

The wheel well is fastened to the front clip and lower shield (?) and if you start removing fasteners there in the corner you will eventually get enough of it apart to look at the reservoir and the little lines attached to it.

In my case one of the lines for the headlamp washers had split and all the fluid would leak out past the pump and out the hole in the line. I fashioned a patch for the line and sealed it all up with JB Weld.
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