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Sons first car He is looking at a 2011 s80 questions listed below

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Sons first car He is looking at a 2011 s80 questions listed below

Post by standsureanderson » Fri Aug 10, 2018 8:13 am

This would be my sons first car. He save long and hard and tomorrow we are inspecting an S80 with shy of 100k miles.

Q1. from a financial point of view, will it be expensive to maintain. For example are replacement parts expensive ?
Q2. What seems to be the most prevalent part to go?
Q3. What we are looking for is Very dependable. As repair free as a Honda Accord. Something dad and son can repair on the weekend if need be.

Q4. A list of of things to check when we go to see the car.

Thank you very much
Mark and Tyler

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Re: Sons first car He is looking at a 2011 s80 questions listed below

Post by June » Fri Aug 10, 2018 12:41 pm

Please don't take this as rude, that is not my intention. You ask will the Volvo S80 a luxury car be as cheap as a Honda Accord a non luxury car? No!!! European cars definitely can cost more to repair than the average Japanese car outside of the dealer. I assume you are looking at the Volvo from the safety standpoint. That is where the major difference a Volvo will outperform all others of the same year with few exceptional to maybe 2015 and up when all others started cleaning up their acts safetywise. The Volvo is built for you to open the door and step out in a major collision. Safety features like WIPPS to protect you from whiplash if hit in the rear. A crumple zone in the center of the car for side impact part of SIPPS to absorb the crash energy below the occupant.

The truly bulletproof cars ended with the 240, 940 models. That's not to say the front wheel drive cars are bad. Just way more complicated as well as safer. If your son is a young driver than safety should be on your list. Before buying any model YouTube IIHS crash test should be watched on the model considered. Playing attention to the small overlap and side impact tests.

I believe that car has a 3.2 six which has a READ rear, engine, accessory, drive that can give trouble if the oil changes were not kept up. Something to look at. I understand the pcv box is easy on that engine if anyone would like to chime in on that. It will whistle on startups if bad. You didn't mention if it was a T6 which is a 3.0l sister to the 3.2 and same applies with the added AWD which would be prudent to have checked out by a qualified technician you trust if the car does not seem perfectly smooth at all times on the test drive. Don't assume a vibration is a tire on a AWD car. Now a 3.2 FWD a vibration is less critical, at worst a bad CV axle which applies to all FWD cars no matterthe brand. The 3.2 has metal timing chains so no need to look for a timing belt replacement sticker.

If he buys it keep on top of oil changes to protect the metal chain and READ. Its cheaper than replacing either.

Finely if you are looking for a Honda like car, buy a Honda. Anything else will be different in both good and bad ways. June
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Re: Sons first car He is looking at a 2011 s80 questions listed below

Post by abscate » Wed Sep 26, 2018 1:43 pm

Mark Tyler

Whats your budget? You can get a solid P2 chassis 2002-2007 well under 10k and that is definitely a very safe ride and fixable at home. Parts are reasonable and MVS is the best DIY website for any make on the web , frankly.

If you pay to maintain, all cars are expensive. Reliability wise, a good used car is much more about how it was cared for than who made it.
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