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V70 Confusing Rev / Judder Problem

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Joined: Tue Sep 04, 2018 2:36 pm
Year and Model: 2009 V70 2.0D R-Des
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V70 Confusing Rev / Judder Problem

Post by steved1484 » Tue Sep 04, 2018 3:01 pm

Hi All

First post here, so please excuse any errors however I’m after some expertise with a rather frustrating problem on a V70 2.0d R Design (2009 – Engine D4204T). When engine is cold, suffers from juddering and hesitation between 1500 and 2000 rpm and the car shakes… but disappears as soon as engine is warmed up after about 5 minutes.

Juddering happens when stationary in Neutral and when driving.. Also started what I can only describe as hunting / pulsing (Jumping from 1000 to 1300rpm) with very light throttle..

When accelerating lightly it gets to 1950rpm and seems to bounce back, but if you power past it you don’t even notice the hesitation and its not detectable under full throttle conditions. No Loss of power and once warm drives like a dream!

Vehicle is on 82K regularly serviced, no smoke of any description, no codes showing in Vida at all.. Recently had new MAF, MAP, Inlet Temp Sensor, Forced DPF Regeneration on Vida (Albeit it senses 0g of soot before and after regen), New Fuel Filter & Cleaned throttle body… but still the problem persists.. I've added image of RPM readings from Vida, and you can see how jerky they are when not under full throttle.. Not sure if there is a way to upload videos but also have one of the pulsing / hunting available. EDIT - I've now managed to link in the video, but please ignore the background noise from my 2 year old!)

Any inspiration or ideas really welcomed, as I love the car, but hugely frustrated that I can’t get to the bottom of it..

Thanks in advance, and if I’ve missed any vital details please shout or if i've posted incorrectly please shout at me!

V70 RPM.jpg

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