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Remote closing rear hatch

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Remote closing rear hatch

Post by uncledave11 »

New model for me! In trying to figure out all my features and options for settings, one has me stumped! I can open the rear hatch from the drivers seat or with the remote but the only way i can close it is with the button on the hatch itself. Seems a bit backward to half to get out of vehicle every time i open the hatch to close it. Anybody know if I'm doing anything wrong? Owners manual doesn't give me much in this area.


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Re: Remote closing rear hatch

Post by arne27 »

Suggestion, uncledave11: get into youtube and search for a youtuber called volvosweden. Among his videos is a detailed one which goes through the process of fitting an aftermarket module to the rear hatch which closes the hatch from the key fob. There may be more than one version of this on sale as one module fits into the switch at the rear and one which does the same job but fits into your OBD connection. Be aware there is more than one video on this particular task.
I guess Volvo had only bargained for an open hatch to be only closed by someone standing there putting something into the cargo area. In his description is an email ([email protected]) address which you can contact regarding price and delivery. All his videos are worth watching if you want detailed instructions on completing various tasks on your present xc70, v50 or other vehicles.
Hope this helps.
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Re: Remote closing rear hatch

Post by carboncow »


It was pretty common when these were built (all cars) to only allow them to open from inside and close from guess is liability. I cannot speak to newer cars with the constant need to "wow" the consumer but I can guarantee w/o owning this model that the intent was only to open. My Vw Touareg was the same way.

The module idea sounds very cool.
Shawn F.

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