XC90 2009 radio died

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XC90 2009 radio died

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My 2009 XC90 radio died the other day. Screen is a solid green and no sound from any source. I can get the menu controls and bluetooth phone through the speakers so there is definitely power to the system. When I turn it off and back on again I get the "premium sound" screen for a few seconds then back to the solid green and no sound. I took it to the dealer who ran diagnostics and says its the AMP. I really have my doubts on that because any forum post I can find points to the ICM and never mentions the AMP. Anyone with any experience on this one? My warranty runs out next month and I'm thinking of extending, any thoughts on that as well?

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my 2005 is doing the same thing and i bought a icm that was tested and working and when i installed it in my car it did the same thing as original it showed premium sound message then goes blank after 5 seconds so maybe the amp is the issue with mine as well i checked all fuses they are good and i have good ground and power at all plug ins also red fiber optic light at all wires in plugs where required

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