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Meaning of Icons

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Meaning of Icons

Post by Hoov »

OK! I give up. I've done my best to research this subject but it has somehow escaped me.

What do the icons in front of posts mean?
There are some scrolling away, some in blue, some red, some w/arrows, some scrolling w/ gear icons ... Yatta, yatta (Jim Eason, NOT Sienfeld,LOL ... Sienfeld just repeated it but you have to go back aways to know this. Hehehe)

Honest, I really have tried to find the info. I didn't! I still want to know though. ... Please? hehehe


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Post by matthew1 »

Hoov, the following are the images and their filenames which provide a fairly good description. Those that have "mine" in them mean you've posted to that topic.

Red = unread, Blue = read. If you're not logged in, there is no distinction.

Hot means the topic has at least 12 or 14 posts in it. It's an arbitrary threshold I set in the forum configuration.

Stickies and Announcements are very similar, don't sweat the difference.

Image = announce_read_locked_mine
Image = announce_read_locked
Image = announce_read_mine
Image = announce_read
Image = announce_unread_locked_mine
Image = announce_unread_locked
Image = announce_unread_mine
Image = announce_unread
Image = sticky_read_locked_mine
Image = sticky_read_locked
Image = sticky_read_mine
Image = sticky_read
Image = sticky_unread_locked_mine
Image = sticky_unread_locked
Image = sticky_unread_mine
Image = sticky_unread
Image = topic_moved
Image = topic_read_hot_mine
Image = topic_read_hot
Image = topic_read_locked_mine
Image = topic_read_locked
Image = topic_read_mine
Image = topic_read
Image = topic_unread_hot_mine
Image = topic_unread_hot
Image = topic_unread_locked_mine
Image = topic_unread_locked
Image = topic_unread_mine
Image = topic_unread
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