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Does the Volvo S90 require premium fuel?

Discussion on the exciting new 2017 Volvo cars built on the SPA platform.
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Does the Volvo S90 require premium fuel?

Post by obdshawn » Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:54 am

I'm looking at a really nice 1998 Volvo S90 for sale. I'm interested, but some websites say it requires premium fuel and others say regular. I DO NOT want a car that drinks premium gas. Can this car run fine on regular or will it damage the motor or something?

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Re: Does the Volvo S90 require premium fuel?

Post by jimmy57 » Thu Feb 09, 2017 7:49 am

I never used anything above mid-grade in mine. I would get initial rattle in hot weather if I punched throttle using lowest octane. I noticed no benefits or difference in MPG using premium. If you drive very conservative then regular would work. I had two 95 960 wagons. One had 112K when I sold it and the other had 220K. Neither ever had any issues with fuel injection or cylinder head. The engine has knock sensors and will adjust for fuel octane if it detects fuel caused knock. The timing adjustment will decrease torque if it occurs. Minor adjustments would not be noticed usually. The detergent levels in all grades of gasoline has been ample to keep deposits from forming in port fuel injected engines for several years so I have not seen intake deposits when intakes are removed on any port fuel injected car in a long time.

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