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Rebuilt ABS modules, advance exchange or rebuild

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Matty Moo
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Rebuilt ABS modules, advance exchange or rebuild

Post by Matty Moo »

In 2009, I started repairing ABS modules after doing my own. I've done around 700 of them since then, selling mostly on the forums, eBay and my own website.

What sets mine apart from others is that you don't have any downtime at all. I actually send you a rebuilt module up front. That way you don't have to drive your car without a speedometer or leave your harness exposed to the elements. My price is also extremely reasonable with prices starting as low as $10 for cosmetic specials and going up to $89, and this includes a lifetime warranty and an E-5 torx socket to install it. You simply install it, then send the old module back to me within 15 days in original undamaged condition.

If your module is hacked up, I can't take it on exchange. I can likely repair it though. I DO NOT cut my modules open, they're opened up and put back together just like they were at the factory.

I currently keep about 100 modules in stock, spanning every FWD and AWD model from 1996 to 2001...except the S80. I ship the same day, and always via priority mail. Overnight shipping is also available.

I accept Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover. You can order directly off my website at www.midwest-abs.com. I also process credit cards over the phone if you prefer.

If you have questions, email me at [email protected] or [email protected]. I don't mind talking with people and I'm accessible all the time.

below is a picture of how I put them back together. The case goes back together exactly the way it was, no gouges or cuts and no gobs of sealant.

All 96-98 FWD cars with TRACS. 850, V70, S70, C70. 9162675, 9140774 and 8602266
All 96-98 FWD cars, non-tracs. 850, V70, S70, C70 9140773 and 8602265
98 AWD cars. XC70, V70r, V70 AWD, S70 AWD. 9162675, 9140774 and 8602266

99-2000 FWD with STC. V70, S70, C70, 9472088, 9472401, 9472866, 9472971, 9496440, 9496946, 8619538
99-2000 FWD non-stc. V70, S70, C70, 9467582, 9472095, 9472969, 9496942, 9619535
99-2000 AWD cars. XC70, S70, V70. 8622093, 9472100, 9472650, 9496450


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