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2003 v40 Idle Air Control Valve Cleaning, Gasket Replacement

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1996 - 2004 S40
1996 - 2004 V40

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2003 v40 Idle Air Control Valve Cleaning, Gasket Replacement

Post by zulu-v40 » Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:33 pm

Preface: I know I read a much more in depth explanation of this process somewhere on the forum, but I cannot find the original post. I thought it would be nice to post instructions and pictures specific to the 2003 v40.

*Phillips head screwdriver
*Torx screwdriver, size T30
*10mm socket (2-3in long), ratchet
*Throttle body cleaner
*Electronic contact cleaner
*Replacement IAC valve gasket, a bunch of sites sell the gasket cheaply, try: fcpgroton.com
*Torque wrench

*Remove throttle body cover
*Left bolt is a Torx
*Right bolt is a Phillips head

*Locate Idle Air Control Valve

*Remove top and bottom bolts, size 10mm socket, use longer socket (2-3in) to reach bottom
*Remove electronic connection, press down on plastic latch, wiggle, pull, etc.

*Place IAC carefully
*Peal off old valve gasket, discard

*Inspect element where IAC attaches for debris
*Wet small toothbrush with throttle body cleaner, gently brush debris out (I used small end of my dog's toothbrush, sorry Buddy)

*Clean IAC with throttle body cleaner, allow to dry; use brush to scrub off carbon
*Clean IAC electronic connector with electronic contact cleaner, allow to dry (black plastic part with two metal prongs inside - view 1st picture in Step 4 for reference [upper right hand corner of pic.])

*Place new IAC valve gasket on IAC, ridged side was face-down on original
*Thread 10mm bolts through IAC and gasket
*Guide bottom bolt onto car first, as it is the most difficult to thread. Green tabs on new gasket will be pointing towards ground, unlike the picture above.
*Tighten both 10mm bolts to 10 Nm
*Reconnect electronic harness
*Reattach throttle body cover
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2003 V40 T4, silicone vacuum hoses, K&N air filter, iPd Boost Gauge, iPd HD TCV, PowerSlot Rotors

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Re: 2003 V40 Idle Air Control Valve Cleaning, Gasket Replacement

Post by pmondrian » Fri Aug 19, 2016 12:10 pm

Thank you very much for this very clear write-up.

My 2001 S40 was having a difficult time starting due to poor idling. I would have to rev the engine to keep it from stalling. This simple cleaning worked.

I'm still mystified by why the problem was happening at all. The old gasket was very dirty but seemed intact. There were a couple of solid carbon deposits that were on one side so maybe the seal was broken by them.

Otherwise both the idle air control and the engine side seemed dirty but in good shape. I didn't see any debris like in your picture above. Just a lot of carbon deposits. I have 180,000 miles on the car and I think this has never been cleaned before.

Thanks again!


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