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Wiper design flaw

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Re: Wiper design flaw

Post by iamn8 »

The shell is actually a Mitsubishi Charisma, so it's not really designed with cold weather driving in mind.

I'll tell you the wiper flaw I've found though. Went to pop the old blade out of the rear wiper and one of the little clip tabs broke off the arm. So far, I haven't been able to find a replacement wiper arm under $50, blade NOT included. I think I'm just to get a conventional "hook" attachment and J-weld if to the broken arm at that price.

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Post by jbjs40 »

Along this line. Volvo built them for Mitsubishi. It's still Volvo. It does drive nice if you keep to stock size wheels and add aftermarket sway bars and strut brace. Since it is smaller I think it gets more road feel then it's larger cousins. But the other flaw in the wipers is this: The drivers side wiper rubs a little when opening and closing the hood. It's annoying because it was a $30,000 car when new and one does not expect that it has little flaws like this. It could lead to rust since it rubs he paint off in that one small spot. I have tried to change the arms out and got the same results so went back to original. Can anyone tell me if they had similar problems? And what did they do that fixed it?

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Post by jblackburn »

Take the wiper off the spline and move it up a "notch". Re-tighten it down.
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Post by jbjs40 »

The whole arm? I looked at it and it seems that the drivers side arm sits too high out of the cowl. I tried to change the arms since the passenger side appears to be lower, but no change. It still rubbed. I'll try that spline thing but do you mean move the spline up a notch, is that possible?

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Post by difflock54 »

I have the same problem with mine also.
I tried removing and then refixing approx 1 or 2 positions anti clockwise but it either still catches,although less or otherwise it then looks like the whole arm is too high up the screen when the wipers are parked. i.e. the wipers become way out of parallel.

Ive read that by packing the entire splined shaft down lower under the front cowl with flat washers does the trick but I have not been keen on removing the cowl as yet to try this method.

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