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climate control module

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climate control module

Postby aundre » Thu Dec 08, 2005 5:58 pm

Hi Everyone,

I need help on my Volvo S40 2001 model. My heater fan doesnt work anymore.

The temperature, heated seats, dsa is working except for the fan.

How can I remove the climate control module for my S40



V40/S40 heater/fan control

Postby Guest » Tue Dec 13, 2005 7:19 pm

V40 1.9 Diesel Turbo, 2000 X (Phase 2)
I am presently experiencing a problem with the fan being stuck on high speed and unable to switch off or reduce - it will actually increase speed slightly - the noise is distracting to say the least. All the other functions, i.e. Air con, heated seats etc still work ok.
Anyhow, access to all the parts is easy when you know how - having spent a lot of time on this in the last week. Prise off the heater/fan controls cover plate with a flat blade screwdriver inserted on one side, pull out the radio and unplug 3 terminal blocks at the back (you need to know the radio code on re-connection), remove 3 phillips screws securing the plastic housing for radio, remove 2 phillips screws for the the fan module and disconnect the 2 terminal blocks at the back and ......voila!.
Now, this part cost @

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