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idle air control valve ?

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idle air control valve ?

Post by emtor »

Volvo V40 2002
1.8 litre petrol engine (non turbo, non GDI).

Bought the car last summer, been running flawlessly.
Idles @ 1000 rpm when cold, dropping to 800 rpm when warmed up.

Started the car yesterday and let it idle for 10 minutes.
Drove a mile and parked outside a shop.
Stopped the engine for a few seconds and started it again.
Engine started as usual but stalled after a couple of seconds.
Attempted to re-start three or four times,-same result,-engine stalled.
On the last attempt I pressed the accelerator slightly and the engine kept running.
When letting go of the accelerator the engine idled rough with slight intermittent dropping of rpm.
Went back home and the engine was idling normally at the parking lot for several minutes.
Check engine light did NOT come on.
Could this be the IAC valve acting up?

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Post by alschnertz »

I guess it's possible.
If you've never cleaned the IAC or the throttle body, it may be a good place to start.
Especially if you have no codes.

Next thing I'd go to if the symptoms persist after the cleaning would be to check the fuel pressure which should be around 44 psi.
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Post by emtor »

Worst thing is when a car experiences a glitch that never repeats itself. Makes you wait for the next occurrence for ever and ever.
Luckily the symptom repeated itself the next day. Seems like this has become more or less permanent which makes fault finding easier.
No, neither the IACV nor the throttle body has ever been cleaned.
Shopping list: Carb cleaner, fault code reader and a pressure gauge . . .

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Post by iamn8 »

You'll be surprised what comes out of the IACV. Definitely a good place to start.

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Post by johncham »

Hey Emtor. Did you resolve the stalling issue? Mine stalled yesterday in traffic. Road flares failed to ignite (too old), and it was a terrible experience. Hasn't occurred again, but I am on pins and needles now. Currently throwing out P0107 DTC (MAP sensor low), but I will need to remove the fuel rail. Part ordered. Anything? Anyone???

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