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2004 S40 T4 Weird Issues

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1996 - 2004 S40
1996 - 2004 V40

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Joined: Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:31 am
Year and Model: 2004 S40 T4
Location: Philippines
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2004 S40 T4 Weird Issues

Post by Gadgeteer » Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:36 am

I'm new to Volvos and managed to acquire a 2004 S40 T4 here in the Philippines.

I got the car fairly cheap because of some issues that the former owner (also a newbie) said he wasn't able to resolve.

The Check Engine Light (CEL) and Traction Control warning lights were always lit. I noticed that the idling wasn't very steady and when accelerating it felt like it lacked power, and i didn't really hear the nice sound you get from a turbo. Also after driving hard and fast for a few minutes, the engine wold lose idle and cut off. It will restart but cut off immediately. You'd need to cool down the engine first before it will start and hold idle.

I brought it to a shop to check on the errors and found a few:

1. MAF Sensor
2. Torque reduction
3. Camshaft Reset Valve

An intermittent Aircon error would come up and that seemed to have something to do with the Aircon switch, which malfunctioned intermittently. Decided to hold off on that as it wasn't the most important repair.

The auxiliary fan would also keep running for 10 minutes even after engine was shut - this would drain my battery all the time. We replaced the thermostat and some relays and that seemed to have solved that particular problem. The camshaft reset valve was also replaced and that error didn't show up anymore. The torque reduction issue, i was told, can be resolved last as the MAF issue was more important.

To resolve the rough idling and lack of power issues, we replaced spark plugs, cleaned and eventually replaced IACV, cleaned the throttle body. Performance improved but it would still cut off when hot and would be hard to start and wont idle if it does.

MAF and Traction Control errors still present. Tried replacing the MAF a number of times but problem was still there. Then we noticed in the scanner that there didn't seem to be any power going into the MAF at all - i thought that this could be the problem, but what could be the cause? Checked the wiring and it seemed okay, no frayed or cut wires.

Is this a common issue? Would this affect the function of the turbo? could it be a ECM issue?

Expert thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Year and Model: Volvo S40 T4 2002
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Re: Need Help! 2004 S40 T4 Weird Issues

Post by Nywack » Wed Apr 11, 2018 2:39 pm

Had exactly the same problem with my s40 t4. Check for cracks in the ignition coils, Clean the sparkplugs and the idle Control valve.

edit : The same lights would come when the car was stalling. Tho I wasnt able to read the codes at the time, and they didnt apear in "stored" in Vida Dice.

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United States of America

Re: Need Help! 2004 S40 T4 Weird Issues

Post by jwalker275 » Mon Jul 15, 2019 5:56 pm

if you do see this, search my last few replies to other members.......

those few things are a great help when looking for boost issues,tooo.......

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