Fuel pressure regulator adapter

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Fuel pressure regulator adapter

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I recently purchased a Volvo S40 T4 1998 and I want to replace the original fuel pressure regulator(FPR) with an aftermarket one. I had to do an engine swap as the old one was blown(punched hole in piston) and the availability of the original B4194T engine was low so I went for B4204T2 engine.
This should be more of a side note as to one of the reasons why I want to replace my Fuel Pressure Regulator with an adjustable aftermarket one.

The FPR is mounted on the back of the fuel rail between 2 injectors. What I need is an adapter that goes from the plug that goes into the fuel rail to a hose fitting or something similar.

This is the current FPR I have: https://www.partsforvolvosonline.com/im ... _large.jpg
I need something similar to this: https://www.fuelpumpsonline.co.uk/ekmps ... t-73-p.jpg

Have anyone on this forum seen an adapter like this for this series of engines? I find plenty for 240,740,940 etc.


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