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2003 V40 (left) driver's door handle broken

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2003 V40 (left) driver's door handle broken

Post by MsRed »

So the driver's door handle broke on my V40 late last fall. Local (non Volvo) shop gave parts & labor quote of $375 to fix it. The part (#30652230) itself runs +/- $140. I've been able to open the door from the outside pulling up a little metal trigger, but it's a hassle.

Didn't find clear instructions on forums how to swap the handle, but did find a couple of related videos on YouTube. The task doesn't look fun, but doable and the nearest Pick-n-Pull yard has three matching vehicles. With time on my hands, I'm going to try a swap. Wish me luck? Offer suggestions?
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Post by Navservice »

I see you're talking about a broken (but still serviceable) exterior door handle. Yours looks like a metal door handle, is that right? My 2000 V40 has plastic door handles but I'd bet the procedure is very similar. You have a leg up if you've watched you tube videos, I (almost) always do the same before I start a job I haven't done even if the videos pertain to other models of Volvo, they are still very similar.

I had to take the two doors on the left side of my car apart due to: Lock cylinder was filled with some kind of glue, neither of the lock motors would unlock those doors, I had to rebuild a window regulator in the rear door. I bought the car at good price knowing there would be things I'd need to fix. Those, among others, are fixed but there's still plenty more to do.

I did remove an exterior door handle even though it wasn't really necessary. You'll need to remove the door panel which will require a Phillips head screwdriver and a Torx driver, I don't recall if it's T20 or T25. You'll need a 10mm socket on an extension to reach the door handle via an access hole in the door. I'm trying to remember if the window glass will be in the way but I don't think I had a problem with that.

Remove ALL the screws (behind the interior door handle, behind the door speaker cover), I think there are 7. Carefully pry the bottom of the panel away, the top of the panel hooks over the window opening. Oh yeah, you'll have to remove the plastic triangle at the front of the window opening. Be careful and patient, I broke mine and I've done these before. Be gentle. Do that before removing the door panel.

As you pry the bottom of the door panel you might find plastic wrapped honeycomb cardboard falling out. Try to remember its orientation, you'll have to put it back that way when you put the door panel back on. A problem I've had a couple of times with these door panels is that a mount for a clip that is glued to the inside of the door panel separates instead of the clip coming out. There's not much you can do about that except to be prepared to repair (re-glue) it. I use Liquid Nails silicone adhesive and let it set up 24 hours to achieve full strength before putting the panel back together. A small tube will probably last years. Be careful to glue it in exactly the same position and orientation, it should be easy to see where it goes.

If I remember correctly, there is only one fastener to remove, I can't remember if it's a nut or a bolt, at the rear of the handle. The linkages look daunting but they're not really that bad, they mostly rotate to release and refasten.

If you need further help I'll see what I can do, I'm not very anxious to remove that door panel yet again but I've had lots of practice...

Good Luck

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Post by Navservice »

By all means, remove the door handle from a junkyard car before you do anything to your own car. You can learn a lot that way and any damage done will be done to a junkyard car.

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Post by difflock54 »

If you would like a pdf file msred of the entire Haynes Manual for your V40, send me a PM with your email address.
Its able to give the basics one needs to know and has pictures as well.

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Post by iamn8 »

Did you end up swapping the chrome for black plastic?

Our V40 is the only one I've ever seen with the chrome handles, and I've never been able to find a replacement. The drivers handle has broken about 3 or 4 times now and I keep repairing it with JB Weld. Last time, I removed it and just went to town with the epoxy around the break point. 2+ years now and it's still OK.

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