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04 S40 SRS errors

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1996 - 2004 S40
1996 - 2004 V40

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Year and Model: 2004 S40
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04 S40 SRS errors

Post by csseemat »

Have an 04 S40 that unfortunately was involved in some flooding last year. Water got up to about the top of the tires for maybe 15-20 minutes as the storm sewers on our street backed up during a strong downpour. We pulled the seats and carpet and dried everything out. Started it back up and everything worked great... except for the SRS Urgent error. Inside the car water did get to the bottom of the seat cushions so I'm guessing the SRS module got toasted and perhaps the underseat sensors.

I've been limiting driving to just around town (under 40) this last year without any further issue and am wanting to tackle the airbag problem. I hooked up a code reader (Foxwell AutoMaster Pro NT414) and see 19(!) codes on the SRS system.. Here are the codes and the reader's explinations:

00F4 - Bobbin rotation sensor, passenger internal fault
0071 - N/A
00DF - Up front sensor front right signal too high
002F - Adaptive steering column signal too high
0059 - Side impact protection (SIPS) right front signal too high
006B - Seat belt tensioner left rear signal too high
00C4 - Side impact sensor, right front signal too high
00A7 - Switch for airbag on/off passenger configuration fault
0058 - Side impact protection (SIPS) bag right front signal too low
009D - Seat track sensor driver level of current not permitted
0029 - Bel load limiter, driver signal too high
0053 - Side impact protection (SIPS) bag left front signal too high
0091 - Seat belt buckle driver level of current not permitted
0095 - Seat belt buckle passenger level of current not permitted
00A1 - Seat track sensor passenger level of current not permitted
CFFF - Control module internal fault
005F - Inflatable curtain (IC) left signal too high
0055 - Side impact protection (SIPS) bag left front resistance too high
005B - Side impact protection (SIPS) bag front resistance too high

Could the defective control module be sending all of the above faults? or is this a much bigger can of worms than just a defective control module?

My plan of action was to look into getting a VIDA/DICE setup and a used control module and start from there, but if this is just the start of my problems (and $$$) it may unfortunately not be worth it.

The car has 104k miles on it and is working great except for that SRS light, I'd hate to think the only thing it'd be good for now is a donor car.

Any help is appreciated!
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