V70 Rear Seat Stuck in Upright Position

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V70 Rear Seat Stuck in Upright Position

Post by frohock2001 »

Hello Everyone;

I have recently acquired a V70 2.4 T. When I was trying to lower the back seats I pushed the release latch and the seat lowered without any problems. After being impressed with the boot space (as before I had a citroen Saxo) I put the seat back in the upright position. The next day I tried to do the same procedure, but the latch got a little stuck, so I unfortunately tried to slide it harder, resulting in a small cracking noise, the seating moving forward about an inch and then getting stuck.
The seat is the double seat, the catch just slides so is not engaging any mechanism and the seat seems to be stuck about an inch forward than where it should be.

Any help as to what I cna do would be greatly appreciated, can the catch be replaced, or can it be removed temporarily to allow for the seat to be returned to its full upright position and lowered if necessary.

Many thanks,

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Post by J5T »

The seat has two positions when upright. What you have done here is broken the release slide and it will have to be replaced. I had to use a long flat screw driver to release the seat. The I have to take the seat release cover off and replaced the release button. I believe the button was less than U$10. Hope this helps.
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Post by grannary »

On my 2002 XC70 I had the back seat stuck in the full upright position. If you carefully peel back the leather on the seat back you can see a black plastic arm that you push on towards the back of the vehicle while wiggling the seat and it should release and let you fold down the seat. Then pop off 4 small rectangle caps and remove 4 screws and the plastic assemble pops off.

Good Luck!

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Post by Outdoorguy1963 »

Very easy to replace the release button following the directions above. I just paid about $11 at the dealer for the new piece. The seat of my 2002 V70 works fine again. I also put a little grease on the slides on the passenger and driver sides to prevent sticking.

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Post by mikespencer »

Hi, Just followed the advice in the forium and released my jammed back seat with ease. Less than two minutes. Thanks guys. Mike.

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