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damage to turbo after impact/single car accident

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damage to turbo after impact/single car accident

Post by AnnBart » Mon Jan 23, 2012 5:22 pm

I hit a pothole or something in street. I could hear the impact. A couple of hours later after parking car I began to drive the car when it starts to smoke from underneath. Lots of white billowing smoke from sides and rear of the car. Dealer inspected car said not damage to oil pan however believes oil entered turbo. He thinks something happened to seals. Prior to impact no issues with car it purrrrrrred on start up and no smoke. What are possible reasons for oil in turbo and/or seal to cause leak considering I am told there is no damage to oil pan or undercarriage? :?:

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Re: damage to turbo after impact/single car accident

Post by SimLyons » Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:15 pm

White smoke pouring out from under the car at a stop or even slow driving is almost cetainly oil hitting a very hot place. 2 places qualify best: Your turbo (exhaust side, connected to the down pipe and Catylic converter) and the exhaust manifold, connected to the turbo. They fry oil when warmed up and white smoke will billow out, not from the exhaust pipe. If any of it is coming out your exhaust you have more problems, but I would guess an oil leak to the hot spots mantioned above. A decent macahnic can put a dye in your oil and trace any leaks with a black light.....if he/she can't spot it with no help.

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Re: damage to turbo after impact/single car accident

Post by fazool » Tue Jan 24, 2012 6:27 am

I believe your mechanic is mis-speaking.

Your turbo seals are essentially internal seals that separate the oil from the air flow. The often fail as they are a highly stressed, under extreme roational wear and pressure and heat.

Smoke from these seals, however, remains in the exhaust system and is blown out the tailpipe.

If you have oil billowing underneath then you have an external oil leak. If it is from the turb, then one of the turbo oil lines are damaged, not the seals.

You didn't mention your car model but one of my Volvo's has an oil trap and some oil lines right near the front suspension and that type of thing could blow oil onto my hot exhaust system, making the symptoms you described.

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Re: damage to turbo after impact/single car accident

Post by Jarman06 » Fri Jun 08, 2018 4:41 am

I know it’s quite an old thread, however, something very similar happened with my friend and in his case, seals had got damaged and he had to replace complete components. He is now working for a DUI attorney Los Angeles and I will try to find more on that from him.

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