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Help.... My S60 is poorly

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Help.... My S60 is poorly

Post by DJHudson » Sat Nov 05, 2005 7:30 am

Fellow Volvo owners, please help. I have a 2001 S60 T5 and love it however for the past few months its been coughing and cutting out, i give it 30 seconds and it starts fine and drives well for what could be another 100miles again before all of a sudden the revs goes and it just cuts out again, this could be doing 70mph on the motorway or stationary on my driveway, Its now getting too dangerous to drive as i have to just pull over where i can for a minute or so before it starts again. I took it in to Volvo who checked all the sensors and said nothing can be found. i then took it to an independant Volvo mechanic, after two days of oil pressure checks and road tests he was scratching his head but advised i changed the fuel pump relay, i did this but after 150miles it did it again. What is it??and why is it no one knows what it is? i thought at first it was a fuel problem and some muck in my tank that occassionally caused it to stop, but apparantly if that was the case then it would run rough all the time and not now and then. Anyone else had a similar problem?



Post by Viper_7 » Mon Nov 07, 2005 2:47 pm

Your right in thinking it getting dangerous to drive...especially if she's cutting out at cruising speeds, as you'll lose the PAS and brake servo's.

Sounds like it could be an electrical fault to me..which would explain why it's proving hard to track the fault down as with all intermittent electrical problems.
The fault must also be very sudden, if the Volvo guys arn't able to get a diagnostic code from her.

you say you give it 30 seconds...what happens if you only give it a few seconds? Does she turn over but doesn't catch?


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Post by matthew1 » Mon Nov 07, 2005 4:27 pm

Sounds like the electronic throttle module to me. has a ton of info on it.

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Poorly S60

Post by DjHudson » Wed Nov 09, 2005 7:26 am

Hi, thanks for your replies so far. In resonse to your question Vipes, if i try and start the car stright away after it cuts out, it just keeps turning and not starting as if no fuels in it. So i leave it 30-60 seconds to cool down or whatever it does and then she fires up fine and ticks over lovely as if it never happened. This is why people think it could be a dodgy fuel relay which is over heating now and then. I have changed the fuel pump one, is their a fuel injection relay i could change ?
This problem is really getting me down, not being able to drive her in case i end up breaking down and unable to start her up again!!


Poorly S60

Post by DjHudson » Fri Nov 11, 2005 4:55 pm

Just to let you know, so far. I took it into Volvo yesterday after it was cutting out every 5 mins. They put it on a "Vida" Machine and said the Oxygen sensor located near the cat was showing a fault. They took it out, cleaned it and put it back. Fingers crossed, this has sorted it. I am not that confident though!!

Ben Timages

S60 stopping

Post by Ben Timages » Tue Dec 06, 2005 8:37 pm

A family member had a similar problem with a 2000 S80, and the dealer just couldn't fix it.

However, last time it happened, they called roadside assistance, and the mechanic merely disconnected the battery for a moment before reconnecting it. He then started the car, which has since run without any problems.

He said that by disconnecting the battery, the computer would reset on reconnection, and apparently that was the cure.

I hope a solution as simple as this can fix your problem![/url]


Post by robert » Wed Dec 14, 2005 8:24 am

I had the exact same problem on my S60. The Engine would cut out for no reason - can could happen at any speed. It could run fine for 100 miles... then all of a sudden, the engine would die going 70MPH. Just like you, the engine would always start right up. I took it to the dealer on several occations, and they could not find the problem. No fault codes, etc

Finally - I freind of mine suggested I take my mobil speedpass off of the key chain. He suggested that the speedpass might be interfearing with the imobilizer built into the key. So I took off the speedpass. Three months later, and a few thousand miles... no more engine cut off

hope this helps


given up

Post by djhudson » Mon Jan 16, 2006 11:22 am

Hi, thanks for all your advice on how this can be sorted, i have tried everything but nothing has worked and Volvo dealers are useless. I have finally given up and my S60 will be up for sale within the next week. My relationship with Volvo has gone and its time to move on. i do not trust them now and it is too dangerous to continue driving it, best of luck to the rest of you.



Post by Viper_7 » Mon Jan 16, 2006 12:34 pm

Selling a vehicle with a defect that could be/is dangerous.

People have been done for Manslaughter for such things before now.
Hope your selling it as scrap/for parts or at the very least informing the buyer what's wrong with it.

Have you tried an independant dealer? I've often found they find the fault better than the diagnostic code monkeys that are so often used in delearships. If there isn't an error code..they are often lost. Proper mechanic will be able to find the fault without all the fancy electronics.



Post by djhudson » Sun Jan 22, 2006 11:48 am

Yes as a police officer i know about that thanks! I have now had it MOTd and the mechanic has mended the exhaust system, he believes the oxygen sensors (lamda) were to blame. Time will tell and i will keep it for now as i dont want to get rid really as i love it. If i was to get rid i will of course make the garage aware who was accepting it as part /x.

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