2002 XC70 Hood release cable broke

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2002 XC70 Hood release cable broke

Post by ibaralf »

Hi, a few weeks back, when I was opening the hood, the cable broke at the lever located on the driver side. I can still open it by using a long nose pliers. My question is: has this happened to anyone here and how hard or easy is it to replace.

I found the replacement part already, but I'm just a little worried if it is difficult to replace, such as other parts needs to be removed. Thanks.

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Post by regent »

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Post by dwaldron »

Unbolt but do not remove black metal frame
To do this
partially remove front bumper
- in wheel wells, loosen screws using T25
this loosens black piece that slides back
- remove 6 push restraints from top of black frame
- pull and pop out middle of bumper
- slide out bumper sides
Unbolt but do not completely remove both headlights
- looking straight at left light, there is a 10 bolt on right into black frame
- around left edge on side of car, remove 2 T25 bolts to get access to 10mm bolt
- do the same for right
- pull headlights out a bit so tabs clear off black frame on top
Unbolt but do not remove black metal frame
- remove all 10mm top bolts, keep track of where each one goes
- remove 2 bottom bolts that are under the bumper, so pull bumper back

pull out black frame to get to hood locks

The cable goes under the air filter chamber.
3 plastic clips hold it down
use a small (I forget the size) socket on a socket extender. push down and the 4 pins will come together
and pry up from the bottom

Feed the cable into the white tube which comes out under the dash

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Post by vtl »

I have two pieces of old cable attached to the locks and hidden in around air baffle (the plastic part between bumper and subframe). In case my cable suddenly snaps in locks area I would still be able to open the hood.
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