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Gas Pedal Fuse (ECM) Keeps Blowing.

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Year and Model: 2002 S60
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Gas Pedal Fuse (ECM) Keeps Blowing.

Post by crickett » Fri Jan 22, 2016 12:35 pm

Hi All,

My 2002 Volvo S60 with about 201k began to say "ENGINE SYSTEM SERVICE URGENT" on a hot day last year, and would not accelerate, but would shift and start fine. I had it towed home as it was late. The car sat for a about 2 months, and would start up and shift fine, the pedal was just unresponsive. About 3 months later I decided it was time to fix it as I started by checking the fuses. Fuse #7 was out which controls the Pedal among other things. I popped a new fuse is and everything was fine. I drove it down a hill and the fuse went out again, and another fuse and another. Finally after driving it around my neighborhood about 3 times a week, it began to start and drive and run just fine. The other day, the battery died, I jumped the car and the fuse blew again and the same thing happened. after the second fuse i decided to Pull Fuse #22 and reseed it, followed by replacing fuse #7 and i waited about 5 minutes and started it up, and i was able to drive it home fine. The car will accelerate fine at the moment but what could this issue be? The ECM module? I might add that the car has not been driven more than 5 miles, so the battery isn't at its highest charge?(not too sure about how fast the alternator can give the car enough power), also, the radio will not turn on, but the CD player ejects CDs just fine, but no response from the power button and the display is dark- or does display anything.

Thanks for reading, help is appreciated.

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Re: Gas Pedal Fuse (ECM) Keeps Blowing.

Post by doublebug » Sat Jan 23, 2016 3:43 am

Seems conditioner compressor clutch is bad. Try to drive with switched off conditioner.
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