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Non-Volvo mechanic, generic vida dice, now tranny won't engage

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Non-Volvo mechanic, generic vida dice, now tranny won't engage

Post by S60inAZ » Tue Mar 01, 2016 5:42 pm

My 2001 S60 has thrown several urgent transmission messages at me over the last month, so I know my car has tranny issues. Trying to remedy things - I did several drain and fills, and then hired a mechanic to replace the b4 servo cover, which he did.

After the repair, he breaks out what looks like a 10" android / obd2 tablet, and after punching in Volvo, 2001, S60, 2.4 base, he proceeds to do two things:

1) resets the transmission fluid counter (as he knew about my drain and fills)
2) resets the transmission adaptive

My car drove poorly out of the garage, worse in different ways than it had previously, and barely made it home in limp mode. Now, the transmission doesn't engage in gear normally, as have to rev the engine to 2500 rpms, before it begins to inch - and I mean inch forward. Reverse doesn't engage at all. Car just rolls backwards in any gear except park.

Do you think his generic scan tool (it wasn't a Vida Dice) has crippled my car? It's no longer drivable at all.

Should I tow it into the dealership for a TCM update and/or software upgrade? There is a possibility my transmission has given out, as it has had issues.

Any thoughts? I really appreciate it!! I'm the original owner, and am not ready to junk this car.


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Re: Non-Volvo mechanic, generic vida dice, now tranny won't engage

Post by precopster » Tue Mar 01, 2016 6:05 pm

It's not common for P2 Volvos to react badly to scanners. This would be the first P2 on this forum that has spat the dummy due to some resets.

Before spending up big at the dealer can his scanner place the transmission into drive cycle so you can place some new adaptive information into the TCM? Look up adaptive drive cycle on MVS for the drive procedure.
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Re: Non-Volvo mechanic, generic vida dice, now tranny won't engage

Post by oragex » Tue Mar 01, 2016 6:09 pm

Is the fluid at the right level? Low fluid can cause the converter to run free. Also, my tech told me he didn't want to do adaptation reset after a fluid change at high miles, because he said some people experienced transmission slip afterwards. Not sure how true is this. He did however the fluid reset thing.

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