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01 S60 Swap out which modules

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01 S60 Swap out which modules

Post by doscascos »

So, Firstly, I want to thank this site; After much reading I took the plunge and bought a hopefully only moderately abused S60 2.4T, my first Volvo. Not my first overly complex vehicle (Audis, Starions for those who remember them). I have already come to rely upon the experience of those on here. So, one of my many questions, which modules can just be swapped out (following proper power procedures clearly) without having to visit my local stealership? CEM? Likely not but ECM? TCM? BCM? Alarm control Module? This is of definite import as I have the security system needs service and would be good to know before I go yanking bumpers off in the junkyard, and chasing down my other gremlins. She runs and drives pretty well, pcv system is currently working, tho it's on "The List". Some occasional idle issues so a careful ETC cleaning will likely be the same fun filled day. A transmission fluid purge is in process. Gone through 6 quarts, so more to go until I'm happy with it. I have CEL for code P0030 which shows up second start after a battery rest then apparently goes away (not the CEL sadly). Awaiting the arrival of many parts, especially my turbo drain pipe gasket and seal. Pointers are always welcome.

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Post by nsjames »

sadly not many.
the siren module is one of the few.
If it talks to the ECM or CEM via canbus, it probably needs firmware.

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